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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You put the .dll in the /program files/game/game data folder....

And today, how about video game hacking? Well, only for single player games. He have some Tom Clancy games, and one of our favorites is The Sum of All Fears.

My brother got bored with the weapons, and asked me to check out the file system. After a little searching, we found the files that save the weapon data. So, we made the sniper rifles full automatic, with about 1000 bullets in each clip, firing rate of 10 per second, no recoil, and even added a slight spread with multiple projectiles on one. Our favorite was to take the M305 (I think this is it.) RPG launcher and make it EXTREME! yeah, you only got 3 missiles in the original file.... How about a fully automatic bazooka that fires 25 per second, and each clip had 10,000 missiles? Yeah, we had to turn "superman" on, but it was fun!

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