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Thursday, April 2, 2009

<link> </link>

The <link> tags. These tags can have certain effects on your website. There is another coding format, known as CSS1. (well, maybe css1 is outdated now, but thats a trivial matter.) CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. You can use it to save how you want your website to look in one file, link everything else to that file, and when you want to change your whole sites look, instead of re-writing 50 files, you can re-write 1 file and get the job done on all the pages. You can also link to other files that could have effects you could need, like some set variables for JS (Javascript)



  1. Cute. :)
    Just to let you know, I'll follow so that you'll have more people here...even though I won't understand a thing. :) (No offense?)

    In Christ,
    ~Miss Rose

  2. LOL! No problems. You might just learn something (OH NO! :P)

    One good thing is that you'll be able to understand more of what is behind a website. Maybe not really UNDERSTAND, but realize that you know what's doing that.