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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

<head> </head>


Within <HTML>, the document has two sections to it: <HEAD> and <BODY (Other atributes :: Discussed later.)>. <HEAD> is like the cover page of the document. Just as the cover page of a book contains information about the book (such as the title), the <HEAD> section contains information about the document. This information is communicated through the <TITLE> tag (which is required) and the <LINK (Other code, Discussed later.)> and <META (same story...)> tags.

The <head> tag is more for the browser (This time, I'll assume you know it is what you see the internet in.) than for the user. One mark of a good website is that it will include EVERY possible tag that the <head> tags allow. Then there is the <.head> tag. It tells the browser that the head section is over. Thats about it...


Monday, March 30, 2009


Welcome to the Geek Haven. On this site, I will be going through the HTML tags to make a comprehensive tutorial. Examples will be made and posted to my website as I go. The first one will be....


This tag is the base of all HTML websites. It lets the browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome...) Know that the coding language is HTML. With that said, we say </html> (end html) and again we say,